My Life List

1) Invite friends over for dinner once a month.
2) Send a handwritten note to each friend just because.
3) Renew organ donor registry card.
4) Tell my husband I love him every day.
5) Tell my parents I love them when we talk.
6) Write all of the gifts received into our wedding book.
7) Go camping with my husband.
8) Eat vegan for a month.
9) Buy myself fresh flowers once a month.
10) Have a metabolic rate test done.
11) Know my blood type.
12) Learn to cook a steak.
13)  Purchase a dSLR camera.
14)  Drink wine from our crystal on a weeknight.
15) Tithe (more) regularly.
16)  Take a beginners Yoga workshop.
17)  Learn to ride a bike again.
18) Try Pilates.
19) Attend a marriage retreat at church.
20) Paint master bedroom.
21)  Invest in summer bedding for master bedroom.
22)  Bake an apple pie from scratch.
23)  Learn how to string pearls.
24)  Adopt a signature scent.
25)  Pay for someone’s order in a drive thru.
26)  Join Weight Watchers and lose ten pounds.
27)  Stop caring what size something is and worry only if it truly flatters.
28) Compliment a stranger.
29) Burn the nice candles.
30) Order an archive quality wedding album.
31) Walk a 10K for a charity.
32)  Have a sleepover with my niece.
33)  Figure out what to do with my wedding gown.
34)  Apply to culinary school.
35)  Replace breakfast table and chairs.
36) Own one piece of jewelry with my birthstone.
37)  Go skinny dipping.
38)  Try Spinning.
39)  Learn to use my dSLR camera.
40)  Replace our dining room furniture.
41)  Paint our dining room.
42)  Replace lighting in dining room.
43)  Have a sleepover with my nephew.
44)  Take photos in the Texas bluebonnets.
45)  Introduce myself to a new neighbor.
46)  Organize my recipes.
47)  Learn to just say Thank You to compliments.
48)  Use the nice perfume because it’s Tuesday.
49)  Be truly open and honest on my blog.
50)  Take a hot air balloon ride.
51)  Use the formal dining pieces just because.
52)  Share my salsa recipe.
53)  Make Yoga a habit.
54)  Find a great hand cream.
55)  Learn to give myself a great manicure.
56)  Utilize the “Faces” tool in iPhoto.
57)  Purchase one piece of crystal a month to complete collection.
58)  Find (and buy) a signature shade of lipstick.
59)  Have kitchen cabinets refinished.
60)  Work on feeling comfortable praying aloud.
61)  Write a love letter to my husband.
62)  Go to a drive-in movie.
63)  Take a girls weekend trip.
64)  Have the door dings repaired on my car.
65)  Use teeth bleaching trays once a month.
66) Own a suit I can wear with flats.
67) Utilize the public library instead of buying books.
68) Go on a cruise with my mother.
69) Learn to live on one income.
70) Plan weekly menus to eat at home more.
71)  Make clipping coupons and shopping grocery ads a habit.
72)  Find (and buy) a truly great fitting swimsuit.
73) Go swimming in Barton Springs.
74) Attend a Women's Retreat at church.
75) Find inspiration in my cookbooks at least monthly.
76)  Pack a card in my husband’s luggage when he travels.
77) Go to the Opera.
78)  Find (and buy) a left-handed oven mitt.
79)  Take my husband to Enchanted Rock.
80) Have laser eye surgery.
81) Find a good farmers market or produce store near our home.
82) Chaperon a Girl Scout camp out with my niece.
83) Realize that I do not need the latest gadgets.
84) Rent a MINI Cooper for a weekend.
85) Donate blood.
86) Challenge myself to thirty days of fitness classes.
87) Find fabric for a new table runner.
88)  Learn to speak Spanish conversationally.
89) Find a great self-tanner that works with my skin tone.
90)  Have pearls purchased years ago strung for myself.
91)  Clean out garage with husband’s help.
92)  Learn to make gnocchi.
93)  Take more photos of our dogs.
94)  Buy my husband some new neckties.
95)  Take a good drivers license photo.
96)  Floss. Daily.
97)  Plan a spontaneous trip somewhere.
98)  Learn to shop my closet first.
99)  Be the healthiest I’ve ever been in my adult life.
100)  Become a mother.