Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cloth Diapering - A Year Later

I guess I'm coming out of hibernation to share some of my experience with cloth diapering now that I'm a veteran (according to Jackie, at least). 

At six months we started solids and since Julia was never exclusively breastfed I wasn't too shocked by the change in her poo. I know a lot of moms who nurse find cloth much easier until solids. Two things I would recommend: a diaper sprayer and a Spray Pal. Both, are optional, of course, but if you have the funds to splurge on them I think they're worth it. 

We also use flushable liners for daycare and when out of the house. (And, my husband uses them in the house as well!) I like these GroVia liners a lot! I've found that I can wash them once (if only wet, naturally) and they hold up for another use, which saves a bit on the cost of them. 

When it comes to overnight diapering for a very long time we could add a hemp insert to our regular cloth diapers and that would add enough absorbency for the whole night. That, along with a stay dry liner was great, until it wasn't. Eventually, I bit the bullet and tried the famous "magic diaper" the OBF. These, along with a wool cover have been the answer. So much so that even when we flew to Baton Rouge I took them for overnight use knowing I was using disposables during the day. 

We've tried two different wool covers and I like them both a lot. The Woollybottoms are very economical choice and the Sloomb covers are very, very soft and beautiful. 

The BumGenius Elementals are still my favorites and they still fit Julia very well. They are still the easiest for caretakers and daycare. 

As far as diaper creams, CJ's BUTTer is ah-mazing stuff! I get the unscented, but it comes in a ton of flavors if you like to try different smells. Seriously, it's so good, I use it on my own dry skin every now and then. I will say, if you want to try it, I suggest the pot instead of the tube. It's pretty thick stuff and doesn't come out of the tube very easily. 

So, that's my update and of course, I'm happy to answer any questions I can. And, if I can't, I know a fantastic group of ladies who can. :)

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Jackie said...

Our diaper sprayer is en route and I may just order the spray pail too. I am sure I will have more questions soon! Thanks for the update :)