Thursday, December 06, 2012

Observations About Parenthood

There are a few things I've noticed since becoming a parent that never even occurred to me before.

1) People are very concerned about how comfortable a child is in a rear facing car seat. I've always blown them off, but I'm still surprised at how often I hear comments about comfort when explaining that the recommendation is now two years old for rear facing.

Here's how I look at it. Does your child sleep in seemingly uncomfortable positions? Are they complaining about it? Do they even really care? I figure as long as they aren't in the car for long periods of time and they can still fit rear facing, why not keep them that way when we know it's safest.

2) Mothers with sons. Also known as "boy moms" like to label themselves as such. Perhaps I only notice this because I'm not a mother to a boy, but to a girl. However, it seems to me that mothers to girls do not label themselves, in writing or otherwise, as "girl moms".

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon? I should clarify (before I offend anyone) that I don't have an issue with it, I just notice it all the time now.

3) Babies are grabby! As in, grabbing your face, your neck, your shirt, etc! I mean, I knew about the clothes grabbing, but I really wasn't aware of the "baby wanting to pick your nose" grabbing. Or, the grabbing of doggy eyeballs. Or, the hair ripping out. Ouch!

4) Will I ever not feel tired? Does this go away as they get older (I hope)?

5) Hy is everyone in a hurry for Julia to walk? I'm fine with her crawling. Well, except for the fact that all of her clothes from this particular period in her life will be garbage due to brown knees.

I mean, yes, I'd like to go to Mass again sometime soon and since our church nursery says they need to be one and walking (why do they call it a nursery again) it might be a while before we're back to regularly attending. Sigh...

That's all. At least, for now.

And, because it's my blog:


Heather said...

Ok, Sara, this picture is all kinds of cute. I love that expression on her darling little face!
Our son is 9 and I promise it does get easier and you will feel less tired eventually.

Sara said...

She is so cute! And yes...the grabbiness is out of control at our house. I barely have any hair left! And I have scratches on my nose and cheeks. My bottom lip has been yanked and fish hooked more times that I ever thought possible. When does the sweet petting start? Soon, I hope.

Elizabeth said...

Yes, yes, yes to all of the above!!!

And there is too much cuteness in that little picture!! Love it!!

Jenny @ Practically Perfect... said...

She is adorable! Makes me hope that baby #2 is a girl (though I'll be happy either way, I'm sure!).

I've heard that about "boy moms" as well. I haven't really noticed it over here. I'll admit that I'm guilty of saying things like, "Joe is such a boy!" or "We have definitely got a little boy in this house", but that's about it.

I've had that same issue with car seats. Just recently, the airport shuttle driver got annoyed with me because I refused to put Joe's car seat in the forward facing position (which required me to move the shuttle seat back a few inches... why this annoyed him, I have no clue). It's not worth the risk!

ms. mindless said...

what am adorable picture!

Desiree Lynn said...

I'm not in a rush for Quinn to walk either. Hello! That just means more things to baby proof and more falling down. It's happening though. He started cruising the couch this past week. Bummer.