Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Julia - Your First Birthday

Today, you are one! One year ago you made quite an entrance into the world and you were five weeks earlier than we thought you would be. (A little trivia for you one day- your due date was exactly five years after your dad and I met.) You’ve been such a joy the past year and you are such a fun little person! 

One year ago, you made us more than just a couple, you made us parents. Your parents. I know you have stolen many hearts over the past year and ours are no exception. Your sweet little personality is such a joy to be around that it’s easy to see why you are so loved by many.

I’ve had such amazing moments just watching you learn. Watching you figure out how to crawl and experiencing new tastes. You’re so curious and I hope and pray that never lessens.

I love how your sweet little face lights up when you see us enter the room and how happy you are to see me when I show up at daycare to collect you. You love your teachers and it makes me feel very good that you are so happy to be there every day. (Now, if you could work on napping at daycare that would be much appreciated! We know you do not want to miss anything, but it’s hard on your little self to need a nap at 5:30 each evening because you just cannot keep your eyes open any longer.)

We tried some baby gates, but our hose is a bit too open and you figured out how to pull on it so, we took one of them down and we’re locking the cabinets. You’re also figuring out the wooden puzzles you have and I love watching you play. You’re pretty good at playing independently and you just chatter away.

You really are such a joy and I honestly have no idea how we got such a good-natured baby. Perhaps God knew that we needed a sweet baby girl since we can be so strong-willed ourselves. I know you were designed just for us and for that I count my blessings. I know he knew you would come into this world early and that you would teach us patience and love. I’m so honored to be your mother and pray that one day you’re proud to be my daughter.

Thank you for being you.

I love you to the moon and back,


Cole said...

Happy Birthday, Julia!!!!

Elizabeth said...

What a sweet letter!! Happy Birthday Julia!!

Desiree Lynn said...

Such a perfect letter to your sweet girl. Love it! (Quinn won't nap at daycare either ugh)

Jackie said...

So sweet!

Mrs. Jones said...

Happy birthday to Julia! So glad it's been a wonderful year! :-)

Sara said...

This is so beautiful! Happy birthday little Julia!