Thursday, May 03, 2012

Baby Goods, Part Two

Other things we we registered for or purchased ourselves. (Man, it seems like you need a lot of stuff for someone so small and helpless!)

Stroller (with adapter bar) - Baby Jogger City Elite

We decided to forgo the travel system and just go for the stroller we really wanted.  I love this stroller! It's wonderful when we're walking around the neighborhood and running errands. It is a bit larger than some travel systems, but I don't mind it.

It folds up easily into the back of the car and we got an adapter bar so we could basically turn it into a travel system with the carrier.I still keep the adapter bar in my trunk for those days when I'm running around and she falls asleep in the car since it's much easier to keep her in her carrier than take her out and buckle her into the stroller.

Bouncer - My Little Snugabunny Bouncer

Looking back I might have gone with a different bouncer (one that you can set it to bounce on its own perhaps) but really this one is just fine. She likes it and it was easy to move around the house as needed. I will admit that I took the mobile off to make it easier to get her in and out without bumping her head.

Music Player - iHome
We went with an iHome player with an iPod we already had. (Well, we intended too, but my old nano didn't fit the player.) No worries since we found one on eBay without a charger for very cheap! This has a light in it that serves as a night light and can be turned off if needed.

Rocker for Nursery - Little Castle Monaco Recliner

Let's talk about our nursery chair, shall we? This was an investment to be sure. However, I have taken many a nap with the bean in this chair and it is SUPER comfy! I love that it rocks, swivels 360° and it reclines. What more could you ask for?

Well, go here to see my cloth diapering post. I'm not going to put it all here again.I will be doing another post though since I've expanded our stash and have some more thoughts on the matter.

Lastly, is my thoughts on totally extra items that we thought might make our lives easier. Stay tuned!

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