Monday, April 30, 2012

Dear Julia - Seven Months

Dear Julia,
You are now seven months old! It seems like time is only speeding up and you are just growing so fast. I love this age that you are at since you are still snuggly, but definitely love to play. You love your exersaucer and all of the different activities that it has for you to do.

You are such a happy baby and love to give smiles to everyone. But, you have ente5red the stage of preferring that only mom or dad hold you (which is kind of bittersweet) or you cry big, fat crocodile tears. 

You've figured out how to roll over both directions so we have to keep both eyes on you all the time. You're almost sitting up on your own. I really think it will be any day now that you figure out how to keep your balance and stay upright. 

Your first Easter was spent with family and you did really good considering it was a long day.

On April 21st we took you to your very first concert and I would say you enjoyed it. Amos Lee was playing in Dallas and since it was outside and during the day we thought it would be perfect for you to go. (You really like when he comes on in the car, so I had a feeling you would like it.) It was a beautiful day and we can't wait to take you to another!
On April 27th you went to your first baseball game! Go Rangers! Mommy and Daddy have season tickets, but we waited a bit to take you to the game since we weren't quite sure how you would do past your bedtime. But, you did great!
You were so happy to look around at all of the new things to see. You stayed up past your bedtime, but finally fell asleep when I was carrying you in your Baby Bjorn. And, even is you can't see it, we had you in team colors. (We're big believers that you wear your team's colors, not their logo on something pink. So, even if you're a girl you can still sport your blue and red!)
We are still doing the nebulizer treatments and this is everyone's least favorite part of each day. You fight us as soon as you see the little mask now and it breaks my heart to make you so mad. But, we have to do it since your little lungs need some help to fully recover from the RSV and flu you had earlier this year. We've added a steroid to the mix and we hope it will give the medicine and your lungs the boost they need to heal.
This upcoming weekend is a very special weekend for you. All of your grandparents will  be here and you'll be baptized on Sunday. Your dad and I are very excited for this Sunday. We'll be sure to take lots of pictures of your special day.

Your 7 month stats:

Weight: 15lbs 2oz

Length: 23 inches

Hair color: light brown, but it's getting a bit redder and a bit lighter

Eyes: Still blue!

Diaper size: I don't know since you're in cloth, but we have adjusted the rise on them.

Clothes: mostly 6 months and a few things are 3-6 months

Sleeping: 10 to 11 hour stretches at night

Eating: four 6 oz bottles per day and two meals of solids. You've been such a good eater with cereal, fruit and veggies!

I love you to the moon and back,


Clemson Girl said...

She is just a doll baby. Love that sweet bow!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

How is she 7 months already?!? And E has that same mask. It's totally cute even if it's purpose sucks.

Mrs. Jones said...

OMG she is growing up so fast!!! What a happy family you are! I love seeing these pictures! Can't wait to read about her baptism!

Jackie said...

She's so cute!

So you aren't having to put her in bigger sizes with the CDs? I have heard this is an issue and it overwhelms me! (Surprise, I know)

Lauren Borquez said...

So sweet :) Found you on Kelly's Korner..feel free to follow me as well!

lauren brittany said...

I found you on kelly's corner! Feel free to add me too! I love reading about babies close in age to my Riley! She's adorable, by the way!!! :)

Kelly said...

I found you on Kelly's Korner. We both added our info incorrectly. Perhaps we have more than that in common. Your sweet baby is adorable. Feel free to follow me back. I'm just getting my newest blog (Exceptionalistic) up & running. I have a personal family blog I post to just for family. I want this one to be a little more about me so I'm starting over!!