Monday, February 27, 2012

Some Thoughts on Office Life

Below are just a few thoughts I've gathered in the last few weeks. I know so many of us work in offices and get frustrated by others behavior. So, here's a few thoughts for you all to chew on...

1) It is never appropriate to walk into someone's cube space and sit on their desk. Never.

2) Ladies, you should have pants for heels and pants for flats. Please recall which hem length you are wearing prior to putting on shoes and heading out the door.

3) If you cannot say a co-workers last name, please try. It's not very professional to just introduce them by a first name. This happens to me all the time and while I'd love to think I'm important, I know that I'm not.

4) Elevators work like this: people get off before people get on. It's universal.

5) "Hey guys" is not an appropriate salutation for an email.

6) Ladies, save the super strong perfumes for the weekends. Some of your coworkers might be a bit sensitive and it can make the work day very, very long.

7) If you want to complain about a project you're working on with a colleague, you should probably do it outside of the colleague's range of hearing.

That's all for now, but I'm certain there's more.


Heather said...

I get so annoyed by the elevator thing!

Cole said...

I couldn't agree with the perfume one more! If your perfume can give me an asthma attack - you should consider toning it down!

Elizabeth said...

I think each one of these happened already today in my office!